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Two Common Skin Conditions that Pregnant Women Experience
An expectant women goes through so many changes within her body. This happens most especially when your moods keep changing from time to time.
Hormonal changes occur inside your body in that you get to experience a lot of changes because your body is trying to keep up with two people at the same time. In this way, your body will be working trying to solve the problems that it has created so far.
How you feel and how you look are very important because of the wellness of your mind. Some women usually get bothered by the way they look that they lock themselves in the house for nine months until they deliver their babies. When you are pregnant, you skin changes the way it looks because some parts of your body demand to be supplied with more blood as other parts of your body do not get an equal share. You are likely to get irritated due to the changes that occur within your body when you are pregnant. One of the most common skincare problems that a number of pregnant women go through every time is acne.
You are going to experience a high production of androgen during the first twenty four weeks of your pregnancy. The presence of this hormone within your body will result to the swelling up of the glands that are in your skin. Because of this, these glands result in producing more sebum than required by your body in order to be protected and lubricated.
The extra sebum produced by your skin holds down dirt on the surface of your skin. When the dirt on your skin dries up, the skin will result to having a bacterial reaction which causes acne to develop.
You should begin by tearing down the combination of both excess sebum and dirt on the surface of your skin before you can wash it away.
The combination of cider, vinegar and also honey is a great way to break the dirt and the sebum before you can clean up your skin. Do this practice for thirty to sixty seconds and finally clean it up. You should do this every morning and during the noon for better results.
Eczema turmoil is another skincare condition that most pregnant women experience during the three trimesters. It is important that you consume a lot of liquid so that you and your baby can stay in great shape. As the days goes by, you get to learn that your skin becomes sensitive to various things. This means that you should always try your best to be comfortable with what you wear or use every time.
It is important to apply a moisturizer on your body about three times during the day.
Protect your skin at all times when you are pregnant because it is very sensitive. Take in lots of water so that you can always stay hydrated.

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